Interessante Links

 -  Definition, introduction and establishment of a quality management culture
    together with workflows and related means, control of excellence in opera-
    tions,  as well as                                                                                   
 -  Improvement programs and initiatives based on general assessment  
     e.g. on management, organisational unit, process or on project level,                                                                                                                     -  Measurement and analysis with definition, evaluation and monitoring of 
     key measurables and indicators,                                                             
  based on resp. incorporating international standard business and operation 
  models such as CMMI  or general improvement resp. deficit and failure reduc-
  tion programs such as 6 Sigma.

 -  Control and coordination of collaboration with Development Center,                  support in ramp-up / establishment of Development Center esp. in India.  

Based on more than 15 years of experience at corresponding responsibilities in a big company with highly complex system products in multi-site development structures.